Voxflor Wetland Collection



Wetland is a product based on a fully organic pattern with soft natural color accent which provides a gentle and elegant solution for those spaces which require a neutral background but not a fully neutral flooring. The soft tints used in the carpet tiles generate calm dynamics into the pattern so to create unique combinations enhancing the whole interior design, without overtaking its neutrality. The fill color product, Awake, by using the same hues of Wetland, extends the flooring design options with a natural textured design and delicates tones.

Construction: Multi-level Loop
Fiber: Voxflor Certified Nylon
Gauge: 1/12”
Stitches: 12 per inch
Pile Weight: 20 OZ/yd2

Average Pile Height: 4.0mm±0.5mm
Backing: EcoAce-Bac®
Tile size: 50cm*50cm
Area of Use: Commercial – Heavy Duty

Anti-microbial: Ultra Fresh (Available)
Flammability: ASTM E 648 Class I, GB8624-2012 B1(C)
Smoke Density: ASTM E 662 Less than 450, GB/T 8627-1999
Static Propensity: AATCC-134 ≤ 3.5kV, GB/T 18044-2008


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