Noraplan Linee



Good design follows a clear direction. Such a quality is widely evident in modern interior design concepts with their reduced forms, subtle colours and straight shapes. noraplan® linee captures these qualities to create internal spaces full of expression and inspiration. With its distinctive design in colour and structure, noraplan linee emphasises spatial dimensions and gives them added perspective. The restrained colours complement the purist look of modern interior design. Give your ideas shape and create rooms of striking character – with noraplan linee.

Key Features

  • Suitable for heavy usage
  • Good footfall sound absorption (6 dB)
  • R9-slip resistance
  • Free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens
  • Increased safety thanks to high fire-retardant properties
  • Jointless installation
  • No coatings needed

Subtle directional pattern elements create gently shaded contrasts with the base colour. The linear surface both accentuates and visually supports the restrained design.

Noraplan Linee



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