Norament 926 Grano Standard Colors



Modern possibilities. Enduring style.

Classic inspiration meets modern purpose. The result is a premium rubber floor covering that elevates interiors with unparalleled durability and versatile design. This contemporary take on a timeless stone aesthetic combines supportive form with flexible function in a palette of over thirty colors – from cool, calming neutrals to bold, vibrant tones. Its dense surface structure delivers proven strength under pressure, standing up to even the toughest workplace conditions without sacrificing style. Reinforce the look, feel and performance of your busiest interiors with norament® 926 grano.

Key Features 

  • Good for very heavy usage
  • Very high footfall sound absorption (10 dB)
  • R9-slip resistance (cubic-structure: R10-slip resistance)
  • Free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens
  • Increased safety thanks to high fire-retardant properties
  • jointless installation
  • No coatings needed

Norament 926 Grano



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