Luxurious & Classy Axminster Carpets – Carpetland UAE, Bahrain

Axminster Carpets

Carrying on the rich tradition of quality carpet weaving craftsmanship, Carpetland offers the most versatile and flexible axminster carpets to designers, architects and end-users with substantial advantages in aesthetics, performance and value compared to any other available flooring surfaces on the market.

Woven on looms that offer a unique flexibility in colors and design, each piece of pile yarn in a Carpetland’s Ax minster carpet is individually woven into place. With the manufacturing flexibility and versatility each custom carpet from Carpetland is distinct and truly an expression of our client’s own creativity.

Bespoke Services

We design your imaginations without any compromise in quality – truly bespoke, elegant and classy, and available in any design with a wide range of fresh and vibrant colors and timeless patterns. From Modern to contemporary and classic, every design we develop has one thing in common – genuine style and sophistication.

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