Artificial Grass

We offer a complete, high quality & great value artificial grass installation service

Carpetland has been a pioneer in supplying artificial grass around Middle east and Africa from the last 25 years. What sets us apart from the crowd is that we manufacture a complete range of artificial grass applications for residential, commercial, DIY, pets, golf, city landscape, and many more purposes. The benefits of our artificial grass products go far beyond the surface, including virtually no maintenance, no watering or mowing, optimal drainage, and zero damage to the grass. We are artificial grass specialists, and install artificial grass for thousands of customers per year. Our experience and skill allow us to professionally plan your installation; reducing waste & your costs. Our installations are quick without errors, mess or disruption to your family or business Carpetland manufacture & offer an exclusive range of EU quality artificial grass products to suit your taste & budget, You can purchase any artificial grass for DIY installs or choose a range as part of your installation.

Schools & Nurseries

Artificial grass is recommended for use outdoors because it is conducive to children’s development. Some educational institutions refrain from organizing recreational or educational excursions for their students due to the risky outdoor environment. Artificial grass was installed inside the school premises because of their desire to create a healthy environment.

Artificial Pet Grass

New artificial grass will make your pets fall in love with its soft, subtle feel. Domestic use is made easier by its ease of maintenance. Your grass doesn’t need fertilizer, regular cutting, or watering. Carpetland products have perforated surfaces, which allow urine to drain entirely. It is easy to remove your pet’s feces and leaves no damage to the turf.


What is the reliability of the artificial grass wholesaler you currently use. Is the price of their products constantly rising? The quality of artificial grass supplied has decreased due to cost-cutting by suppliers. Carpetland can help you conduct business more efficiently.


Gardeners can’t make every garden look beautiful. Occasionally, artificial grass is used in gardens with various shades of green to emulate real grass. For the most appropriate solutions, Carpetland will help you. It is possible to make fake grass look real with the variety of green shades available. No fertilizer, no watering, no mowing are necessary. Maintaining the garden does not require any payment. Even if swallowed, the grass is safe for both pets and babies.

Exhibitions & Events

The full facility of fake grass looking real can be ordered for any office, commercial, or event. The products offered are fine quality and of competitive price for exhibitions and events. Plastic isn’t the only artificial material. The products manufactured by Carpetland are carefully constructed with the right techniques. There is enough durability in the grass to withstand heavy traffic that sometimes occurs during events and exhibitions.


Hundreds of thousands of balconies around Dubai were in need of an alternative surface, and Carpetland quickly realized what was needed. It is not just the look that is transformed when old or tired-looking tiles or concrete are covered; there are numerous other advantages. There is also the comfort underfoot and the safety factor for children if they take a tumble, not to mention the slip hazards for adults as well. There will be a huge reduction in visible dust in the home as a result.

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